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Espace Ko is expanding

Espace Ko is expanding

Space ku, space Joint work The company, located in Saint-Jean-Port-Jolie, announces the expansion of its facilities with the addition of a private office and space for non-profit organizations. This expansion aims to meet the growing demand of the local community and the changing needs of travel professionals.

In addition to its eight open-plan offices, Espace Ko now offers a fully soundproofed private office, which can accommodate one to three people, for full-day and half-day rental.

Space only Joint work (Collaborative Workspace) Between Lévis and Rivière-du-Loup, Espace Ko provides a professional working environment for small local businesses, people doing freelance work, and professionals passing through the area and looking for a practical and comfortable workspace for their temporary needs.

The office was quickly adopted by coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, government officials and others to meet with clients, participate in a video conference in a neutral environment with sufficient bandwidth, or stay in the area in work-vacation mode.

Nonprofit space

Espace Ko has also increased its area in order to provide space for non-profit organizations that do not have buildings. A strategic partnership was concluded with Terra Terre Environmental Solutions, which together with three other partners selected Espace Ko as a collaborative co-working site for the realization of a joint project.

“The addition of a private office and space for non-profit organizations reflects Espace Ko’s commitment to supporting local initiatives, encouraging collaboration within the community while offering flexible solutions that adapt to the changing needs of professionals,” says Virginie Guibert, co-founder and president of the organization.

Source: Espace Co