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Elizabeth Ryo announces an amazing new product from Hoaka

Elizabeth Ryo announces an amazing new product from Hoaka

After swimsuits, lingerie, and “soft” clothing, Elizabeth Ryo embarks on a whole new line of products!

We all know Elisabeth Rioux brands, Hoaka swimwear, Hoaka Apparel, and underwear.

Twist, the young businesswoman just announced that she is adding another thread to her bow: kids’ swimwear!

In fact, the one who just moved to Costa Rica took advantage of the beach to reveal her new product.

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This new group is actually in collaboration with Tipu Baby, The brand of blankets and accessories for babies from Elizabeth’s mother.

Worn by her daughter, Wolfie, Elizabeth unveiled her first Hawka X-Tipo model. She explained that she and her sister created swimwear models using prints drawn by their mother.

As if that wasn’t adorable enough, this collaboration came as a surprise to Elizabeth’s mother! Her daughter revealed the news to her via FaceTime on Mother’s Day.

It will be the first set of several Available From this summer there will be girls and boys models.


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