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Lourdes, the daughter of Madonna, posts a very sexy photo on Instagram

Lourdes, the daughter of Madonna, posts a very sexy photo on Instagram

Madonna’s daughter, Lord Leon, posted a very sexy photo on Instagram during a photo session for an American magazine.

Lord Leon has nothing to envy her mother, Madonna. The singer’s daughter follows in the footsteps of her famous mother on social networks, and also posts very sexy pics where she totally assumes her unblocked photo. The artist, who became a model, posted on her Instagram account, on Monday, two photos taken during a photo session for the American magazine “Office” by artist Mayan Toledano. Wearing a costume by Mexican designer Victor Barragán.

Pictured from behind, it is a body-drawn work, revealing, under a slit dress, her underside and back. In another photo, the confident 24-year-old is lying on the bed of what looks like a typical American hotel, wearing black high heels and her long hair falling across her shoulders. “You see the outfit, bitch,” she wrote in a caption for this shot.

If comments were disabled on his Instagram page, the reactions were numerous Under Originator Posted Who also shared the photos. Some fans of the girl noted her resemblance to Madonna.

The “Like a Virgin” translator also spoke a lot on Instagram. Six weeks ago, she panicked on the Internet by posting a series of pictures in very sexy lingerie.

She and her daughter also elicited strong reactions – positive or negative – when she posted a photo showing Lord’s unshaved armpits. For several years, the daughter of the star has already decided to keep her hair. “Rebellious heart. Look at their reactions lol”, Madonna once wrote on Instagram to support her daughter.

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