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'Reasonable Doubt': Marc-Andre Gunden and Kathleen Fortin along with Julie Pereult

‘Reasonable Doubt’: Marc-Andre Gunden and Kathleen Fortin along with Julie Pereult

Julie Perrault will be supporting a team of seasoned actors when she features crime scientist Alice Martin in “Reasonable Doubt,” a dramatic series fictionalized by Fabian LaRouche, set to begin filming on May 17th.

For this novelty, written by Daniel D’Ancio (“The Negotiator”, “19-2”), directed by Claude Desrosiers (“Confessions”, “Feux”, “Fragile”) and is intended to be part of a cast of many-faced Known. Among them, we will find Marc-Andre Gruenden, Kathleen Fortin, Nadia Al-Sadeghi, better known as La Bronze, Charlie Arquette, Bruno Marcel, David Putin, Carel Tremblay, Yves Landry, Benoit McGuinness, Nour Belkhira, and Julie Vincent.

In their company, viewers will learn about the work of members of a new police squad, the Sexual Crime Investigation Group (GICCS), which is dedicated to solving sexual crimes, a project that is spearheaded by Chief of Police, Pascal. Alario (David Putin).

The latter, together with the dream team made up of almost all women, that make up the GICCS, wishes to improve the police image that you really need. To do this, he must hope to solve many difficult cases.

The “reasonable suspicion” will be revealed somewhere during the 2021-2022 season.

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