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Dinosaurs dominate the bell center

Dinosaurs dominate the bell center

More than two dozen life-sized dinosaurs from nine different species will take over the Bell Center this weekend, as part of the “Jurassic World Live” tour.

Among them is the impressive 40-foot-long Tyrannosaurus Rex. Their characteristics have literally been respected when designing these giant puppets to obtain the most realistic effect possible.

“I’ve never seen real dinosaurs, but we agree that they still look very real. It’s really impressive to see that and also to see how they move,” Evenco’s vice president of display marketing, Melissa Giampaolo, told TVA Nouvelles.

These giant reptiles can move smoothly and naturally thanks to their metal skeleton.

In addition to manipulating the mechanisms that bring the dinosaurs back to life, performers, or rather athletes, must wear a costume that can weigh up to 160 pounds.

To prepare for this, during training, performers should wear a 60-pound weighted vest. Behind every dinosaur, like Olive, the baby Stegosaurus, there is an actor specially selected for his physical ability and ability to reproduce the animals’ movements and emotions.

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