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5 easy-to-follow tips to make your appliances last as long as possible

5 easy-to-follow tips to make your appliances last as long as possible

We all remember our grandparents’ sewing machines or washing machines, which lasted for decades. Today, devices last for a few years, and at the slightest breakdown we are often surprised, because parts cannot be found, screws cannot be removed or repair costs are too high.

Here are some important points that you should check on your items and appliances to make sure that they will last for a long time and that if they break, they will be easy to fix!

1. Inspect devices upon purchase

Several details can tell you the repairability of your device:

  • Are the bolts filled with consumer heads? That’s a good point!
  • Are there screws instead of glue? Good point too!
  • Are there a lot of mechanical controls, rather than electronic? This is ideal because it lasts longer.

2. Choose the brands that are most committed to the issue of planned obsolescence

Some brands are known for the repairability of their items. These are often, unfortunately, the most expensive. But if it’s within your budget, the life of the Breville kettle will be 3 to 4 times that of the entry-level kettle.

3. Beware of dust

Dust, especially on electronics, causes elements to heat up and shorten their lifespan. A simple dust bulb will save your life!

4. Learn how to repair

It’s becoming easier and easier to learn how to do some repairs yourself. Whether in training workshops (eg Les Affûtés), online (with IFixIt) or on social networks (with TouskiRépare), there are many possibilities to get started!

5. Change parts, not the entire body

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On smartphones, one of the first things to fail is the battery. However, changing the battery is not very expensive, and easily provides 12 to 24 months of phone life!