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Delightful chaos by Thierry Larousse

After the unexpected success of his debut album Cantalou In 2021, Thierry Larose will launch Friday Sprint!in which he affirms the gift of words, riffs And loud free pop music. Nervous to go back when you’ve made such a good first impression?

“A little, but not really. It seemed like I was more nervous when the first person started walking. I was like: Oh, maybe there will be expectations after all! But there it is.”

There’s a bossa nova playing in Thierry Larousse when he welcomes us to his Montreal apartment. The musician loves to cast a wide net, which you can feel on this album that combines influences – from rock to ballad via samba -, opens with a seven-minute river ballad, includes two versions of the same song and is energized with joy. Choirs and keyboards of all kinds.

Photo by Alain Roberge, Press

Thierry Larousse’s influences are multiple.

“I don’t like concept albums. The ones I prefer, like white album, chaotic. I have this in me a little bit. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter doesn’t like shackles too much, “he doesn’t give much importance to the genre in general” and prefers to follow the inspiration of the moment.

The song arrives neatly and precisely written, but in the studio we go crazy! The contrast between the spontaneous arrangements, the definite eighth notes, and the prepared quarter-turn beat, I find pleasing.

Thierry Larousse

And the wires that stand out, are exactly what gives life to the music. “There is a lot of music today arranged to the smallest of a second. I don’t necessarily want to do that. Often, our best takes are the first, when we were the loosest.”

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The result: an album that exudes fun and lightness, created with Alexandre Martel on production and musicians Sam Polley, Lou Adrien Cassidy, and Charles-Antoine Olivier. “The chemistry is audible. I really love my band, it’s like playing with four artists.”

The album was recorded in several studios, according to their respective schedules, often using on-site instruments. “We looked at the map and converged there!” He wasn’t called out Sprint! For nothing, and we feel such an urgency in this album that we could consider “spirited.”

“Wow, I love fiery music!” replies the person who drinks a lot of The Beatles and Burt Bacharach for their power of melodies. and Sylvain Lelivre and Beau Domidge for their brevity and narrative talent. “I prefer Beau Dommage over Harmonium, you pick my side! It’s great, that stories are told in the songs. There’s a lot of them on this album. Before, I had less of a clue about the beginning, middle and end.”


When Thierry Larose took his first steps at Les Francouvertes in 2019, he only had a very short experience behind him. Four years later, “night is day,” he says. His progress was already impressive, among other things, releasing a stellar debut album, accompanying Le Adrien Cassidy on tour as guitarist, winning the Félix-Leclerc Prize, filling in for Club Soda on his own, and soon going on to play shows in France.

A complete journey that allowed him to learn this profession at a very high speed that met all his expectations… and even beyond that.

Photo by Alain Roberge, Press

Thierry Larousse makes catchy pop music.

“At first it was like a dream, but I’m starting to understand why my friends who’ve been doing this for so long call it a job. I don’t realize how fun it is, but I’ve worked really hard to be where I am. And it’s taken me places I never thought I’d go.”

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Even the Francos last summer, for example, in an unforgettable show with Lou Adrien Cassidy, Ariane Roy…and Gilles Vallequette making an appearance!

We never plan for that. It’s crazy, I was playing music in my room. Then he collapsed…

Thierry Larousse

He is convinced, all this experience makes him an even better singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer. “I sing better because I enjoy it. Before, the interpretation, I found it unimportant. It was just the composition that counted, I didn’t understand that what is magic is what comes next! I had an epiphany, you have to believe.”

Through 10 delicate and exquisite pieces, Sprint! is a catchy-melodic pop album that captures the zeitgeist and talks about “being 25 today in Montreal,” but the singer also reveals himself “a little bit.”

“I hid a little bit, and I wanted to be more forthright,” explains the songwriter, who hopes people will fit in with this new album as they did with Cantalou. But would you show yourself in, say, four years from now? impossible.

“I don’t have that ability, it just falls short in my brain every time. I don’t have a bucket list: I just love music, I don’t have a hobby, I don’t do anything else. But I love where I am. I think it’s a good disc. I hope.”


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