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Edith Cochran and Evan Bunton no longer speak to each other for this reason

Evan Bunton was visiting the tower On Monday, he spoke with Gildor Roy and Alexander Barrett about his years as a referee at LNI.

He says he didn’t just make friends during this period of his life.

The last one I resented was Edith Cochrane “, He says.

Edith was amazing, she was a star. But, it happens that it is “disrespectful to the subject” and “leakage”. Two penalties, so you’re out. Therefore, after two penalties, she said: “No, no, it can’t be!” , she took off her jacket, threw on her jacket. There, we don’t talk anymore, it’s over. ยป

Add : ” The last of the big games, we, the staff, won’t be dining with the players “.

Alexander Barrett is amazed that there is real competition between the officials and the players. We also thought it was part of the show. Well, it doesn’t seem…

Evan Bunton also recounts that she actually got into a fight with Lauren Bentall when she threatened to forfeit her team if the referee disqualified her player. She effectively pulled her team out and then gave the victory to the opponents, which did not please the head coach of TNM.

The details are that Gildor Roy will host Gabriel Destroysons and Antoine Gratton on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Sarhami and Nicole Goto will visit him to talk about women’s solidarity, and then on Thursday, it’ll be an evening all in music with Jonathan Roy and Joselito Michaud.