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[VIDÉO] Without a right-of-way, you may lose access to the lake near you

[VIDÉO] Without a right-of-way, you may lose access to the lake near you

Do you want to buy a chalet or a country house? Pay attention to the rights of way!

When you become a landowner or when new owners settle near your home, you may have to negotiate “easements.” It is a right that affects land in favor of another land or person, like a right of way, for example.

We meet notary real estate specialist May Jeremy Janelle Telfer, Member of the Quebec Chamber of Notariesto clarify this term.

Watch the video above to learn more about rights of way and easements.

You should know that the right of way is not acquired over time. Even if your neighbor has allowed you to drive through his land to access the lake or forest for 25 years, if he sells his property to someone else—without negotiating the right-of-way with a notary—you could lose access to that outdoor playground.

This is why it is important to exercise caution when purchasing real estate and negotiating the right of way.

for good advice, Go see a notary ! And to learn more about the Documentation Code, see the other capsules in the series produced in collaboration with Chamber of Notaries of Quebec.

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