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Elon Musk forgot to pay rent, and employees are fired

Elon Musk forgot to pay rent, and employees are fired

Like what, even a billionaire CEO could be decapitated and lose access to some of his international offices.

Twitter dramas never end. The social network loses users, features, and even its own places. This completely unusual situation happened last Wednesday in the heart of Singapore. Obviously overwhelmed in his attempts to improve the Blue Bird Network, Elon Musk forgot his bills and fired his employees. There, the landlords are serious and take strict action in case of unpaid rent, even if it is an international company.

No payment, no offices. Our colleagues from bloomberg Report this funny story. Twitter employees based in Singapore were shocked two days ago when they were told to leave immediately. No, it wasn’t new group separation By a major technology company, but in fact the decision of real estate agents pending late payment.

For a moment, Twitter’s Asia Pacific headquarters disappeared. Casey Newton Platform Media She also mentioned that the staff were escorted out of the offices by the owners. Later that same day, Musk paid the rent and everyone was able to return to their workplace.

Is Musk really responsible?

In an organization like Twitter, it’s not up to the CEO to take care of the rent. Why, then, does Elon Musk find himself at the center of this issue? After, after Restructuring in the company And Dismissal of a large part of the teamsThe social network no longer works the same way. For example, Twitter no longer even has a communications section to answer questions from journalists, as reported by our colleagues at gizmodo.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if Musk decided to save money by personally handling this type of business. earlier this month, The New York Times He revealed that Twitter is at the center of a lawsuit for non-payment of rent in San Francisco. Therefore, this situation in Singapore does not come out of nowhere. If money is no longer distributed to whom it may concern, it is because that decision comes from above, and we all know who is proudly at the helm of the Blue Bird.

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Twitter is on a slippery slope that leads directly to the media and never for the right reasons. If the situation continues to deteriorate, the future of the platform is far from bright, and the same applies to the big boss who continues to lose popularity. case to follow.