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December 27 and 28 at Maison Symphonique: a symphonic journey through the works of Celine Dion

December 27 and 28 at Maison Symphonique: a symphonic journey through the works of Celine Dion

The Quebec Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Alexandre da Costa and six soloists will take center stage for some twenty Celine Dion songs as part of the show. Celine Symphonicwhich will celebrate the works of the world’s greatest singer, next December, at the Maison Symphonique de Montréal.

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Classics from the French and English repertoire of Quebecois singers, e.g I will go wherever you go, To love me more, If only love was enough, Everything is my personal effort, because you love me And My heart will go on It will be amplified by 47 musicians from the Orchestra Philharmonic du Québec and their conductor Alexandre da Costa, who had the idea to honor our greatest ambassador.

Official conductor of the Quebec Philharmonic Orchestra, solo violinist and artistic director, Alexandre da Costa, in Montreal last September.

Mario Beauregard / QMI Agency

No piece will be distorted, we promise. “We try to make the songs bigger than they are,” Alexandre da Costa confirmed in an interview with QMI.

“It will be more important, but it will be no different from what people know,” he added, saying he was “involved” in the arrangements. “It is important to me that the arrangements capture all the emotions available.”

Naturally, Alexandre da Costa would have liked Celine Dion to attend the concert – he had followed her entire career and listened to her a lot in the 1990s, when Quebec sold tens of millions of albums every year – or even for her to go on stage alongside him, but the 55-year-old She is unable to do what she loves most in the world, which is singing, because she suffers from Stiff Person Syndrome, a rare disease that causes major convulsions.

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Since the introduction of the concert pilot last April Celine Symphonic In front of the Montreal Cancer Institute the project was revised. The arrangements are now complete and rehearsals are planned ahead of the four performances planned at the Maison Symphonique, on December 27 (1:30pm and 8pm) and December 28 (1:30pm and 8pm), a presentation by Guestive.

Export Celine Symphonic

In addition to Quebec City, we will provide Celine Symphonic In Quebec or anywhere else in the world? “I can tell you that this show will not only be performed four times in Montreal. I know that there are already plans, and that we have come a long way in that planning. It’s a great thing,” said Mr. da Costa, who wants to make “Quebec excellence” shine in the world, as Céline did. Dionne for decades: “We are doing this show with the hope of exporting it.”


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Double your emotions

Alexandre da Costa, who makes it his duty to democratize classical music, loves to adapt contemporary music to expand its scope.

“We take the songs we know well, but we have 47 musicians, so everything is doubled. We are in another dimension of vocal support for the artists who will be performing the songs. […] Coordination multiplies emotions. Perhaps one day the great Celine herself will want to revisit her songs with our classical and symphonic arrangements. Celine Symphoniche will sometimes guide his musicians with the traditional conductor’s baton, and sometimes with his favorite instrument, the violin.

Diversity of voices is also important to Alexandre da Costa. “There will be pop singers – I’m thinking of Anne Silla and Barniffe Valcent (Céline Dion’s long-time backing vocalist, editor’s note) – but there are also some hybrids, classical and pop, who have an operatic score. “There’s a fusion of two worlds,” he said, speaking of the “merging of two worlds.” “Training – like Mischa Brügger, Gusman Lee and Vincent Niccolò – and we will put them together in a symphonic context.”

The voices of Josiane Cuomo and Jennifer Lee Dupuis will also be highlighted Celine Symphonic.

Pre-sale Thursday and general sale Friday

Tickets will go on sale during pre-sale, this Thursday, from 10am, to subscribers to the Place des Arts newsletter. The general sale will begin Friday at 10 a.m. at the gates Gestiv And from here Arts Square.

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