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Serge Laprade marries his sweetheart of 50 years

Serge Laprade marries his sweetheart of 50 years

Singer and presenter Serge Laprade, 82, has decided to live his life in the open.

Last week he married Danielle Arsenault, his lover of 50 years.

For decades, he presented him as his friend and manager.

“I have two lives. Daniel remained silent, in the sense that he preferred to be in the shadows and allow me to take the initiative and not mix things up,” explains Serge Laprade.

For many years, their families were not aware of their relationship.

“This would never have happened in my family,” Mr. Laprade said.

For him, the audience and his career were more important.

“I had a huge female audience. If it hurts my career, that’s my job, and I don’t want that.”

He explains that he was waiting for society to change. After years of living out of the public eye, Danielle and Serge married last week.

They want to send a message to young people.

“I think of all the young people today whose parents don’t listen to them and whose friends are looking out for themselves. “Our goal was just to say that it is possible for two people to meet, be happy, and not be a heterosexual couple,” the newlyweds explain together.

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