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Nomidia Lazoul, the other side of the young Algerian influencer

Nomidia Lazoul, the other side of the young Algerian influencer

For a few days, the Algerian web was just talking about it. Numidia Lezoul, actress and influencer, has put her bad reputation at the service The good reason.

And the good reason in these times Strong spread of covid-19 virus It can only be a gesture for the benefit of the patient or prevention.

As a result of the re-emergence of the epidemic in Algeria in recent weeks worrying numbers Both in terms of the number of new daily cases or the number of deaths.

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It resulted mainly unimaginable sights, Not so long ago in Algerian hospitals. Patients scattered on the floor, for lack of space, desperate pleas for help, parents standing in line or jostling for a bottle of oxygen in the hope of saving a father, mother or husband…

Oxygen It is precisely the key word for this stage that the epidemic has reached in Algeria. In recent days, this vital substance has been in short supply in hospitals, and national production is no longer sufficient to meet the very strong demand. Patients died of suffocation, sometimes in large hospitals, due to a lack of respiratory assistance.

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Searching for oxygen

No Algerian was left indifferent to the sad scene. And the young and beautiful actress decided to act. She launched an appeal on her Instagram account where she has more than 5 million fans.

An appeal on behalf of all those who are suffocating throughout the four countries, and those who suffer in the silence of their loved ones. Its goal was to raise funds to fund the purchase of treatment equipment for COVID-19 patients who need respiratory assistance, particularly oxygen cylinders and concentrators.

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The result soon exceeded his expectations: more than 100,000 euros were collected, mostly from the national community located abroad. Fate is set to rise in light of the increasing popularity and media coverage of the gesture.

Algerian stars in Europe, among them footballer Riyad Mahrez, who also has many fans, participated in the invitation and contributed to the success of the initiative.

The young woman has already begun to acquire valuable materials for the benefit of patients. Numidia Lisol, at only 25 years old, succeeded where many failed. While waiting for the acquired material to arrive in Algeria, the young influencer gave hope to many patients and their loved ones, but not only.

It also succeeded in showing the other side of the Algerian web, more human and more informative than what Algerians are accustomed to seeing with its scandals and breaches of privacy.

The web is also used for this: to save lives, ease the suffering of those who are suffering, and allow people to provide assistance to their neighbour.

In the case of Numidia Lisol, it would also be useful to send a sublime image of Algerians to the world and to remind us that in Algeria there are not only opportunists who take advantage of everything to get rich, as they currently do. , or This crook again She denounced herself in a video crying. There are also people who are kind and willing to help, especially people who have great ideas.