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Deal proposal includes first choice for Canadians!

Deal proposal includes first choice for Canadians!

As we reported to you this morning, the Canadian is now guaranteed to finish 32nd and last overall in the NHL this season, and whatever happens in the draft lottery, he’ll get a Top 3 pick.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s take it for granted here that CH will win the lottery and get their hands on the first choice in the draft and they will have the golden opportunity to pick the young star forward Shane Wright.

Without being a generation-to-generation player of the caliber of Crosby or McDavid, Wright is still the best in his class and everyone agrees he’ll have a very good career in the NHL.

Now, would you be willing to trade that choice for dropping it in the draft?

A virtual transaction proposal is currently circulating on social networks where the first public option is offered to Columbus Blue Jackets for sixth and twelfth place overall.

At first glance this offer seems ridiculous, right?

Maybe not as much as you think!

journalist Matthias Brunet from Journalism I decided to look into it and analyze what this show could have looked like during recent drafts. The results were surprising!


Owen Power (1) against. Simon Edvinson (6) + Cole Selinger (12)


Alexis Lavrinier (1) against. Jimmy Dressdale (6) + Anton Lundell (12)


Jack Hughes (1) against. Moritz Cider (6) + Matthew Baldy (12)


Rasmus Dahlen (1) against. Philip Zadina (6) + Noah Dobson (12)


Nico Hescher (1) against. Cody Glass (6) + Martin Nikas (12)


Auston Matthews (1) against. Matthew Tkachuk (6) + Michael McLeod (12)

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You see, while some of the hypothetical trades are pretty tight, there was still more that would have worked for the team that would have chosen to trade the first total pick versus picks 6 and 12.

This year, according to the specialized site My NHL Draftthat might be the deal Shane Wright (1) opposite the center Matthew Savoy (6) + defender Denton Matichok (12). Of course, this is only hypothetical depending on the ranks offered for each.

Still convinced you’d turn down this offer on the floor of the next draft?