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Olivier Brett's Column: The Return of the Pendulum to the Power of Montreal

Olivier Brett’s Column: The Return of the Pendulum to the Power of Montreal

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After playing six of the first eight MLS games on the road, CF Montreal is scheduled to play six of the next eight games on home soil. That pendulum swing begins on Saturday, when he visits the Atlanta United Metropolis.

good behavior

Without the luxury of bragging, Montrealers have good reason to rejoice as they approach their second game of the season at Stade Saputo.

Wilfried Nancy’s men are unbeaten in five league games, they have come from behind in four of those five games. The group’s resilience and attack only obliterated once in nine rounds make up for the few remaining defensive shortcomings.

For better or worse

The second duel this season will be against Atlanta. The visit to Georgia on March 19 pretty much sums up CF Montreal’s campaign so far.

Nancy’s team came home proud of their qualities as they were disgusted with the result. The Montreal game was the most dominant and exciting we’ve seen in MLS this year. On the other hand, they distributed gifts like Santa Claus on the evening of December 24th.

Through thick and thin, this 3-3 tie could be the benchmark for Saturday. By avoiding defensive mistakes, locals have the right to dream of a fourth win in 5 matches.

end line

Last Saturday in Philadelphia, Samuel Peet walked the field for the first time in 85 days.

By his own admission, he has about sixty minutes on his legs. It would be surprising to see him in the starting line-up against Atalanta, but having him to manage the final matches could be key in the coming weeks.

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When he has points in his pocket, CF Montreal sometimes has trouble crossing the finish line. Piette is now a solid choice to protect bullets against a defense that doesn’t always know how to manage risk well.

Another order of ideas

In Europe, the Champions League gave us a selection match this week.

My only disappointment in this extraordinary semi-final match between Manchester City and Real Madrid? The tiebreak based on away goals no longer exists in this competition.

Manchester City 4 – Real Madrid 3

My colleague Jan G√ľnel doesn’t share my point of view (he also reiterated to me during the last episode of Loin de s’en Foot), but I think Real Madrid should be rewarded for his three goals scored at the Etihad Stadium in the 4-3 loss.

Under the old rule, a 1-0 win next week would have qualified Madrid for the final. This season, this result will only force an extension.

Is it normal that at 4-4 overall, we don’t reward a team that scored three goals in a hostile stadium before knocking out one of the best clubs on the planet at home?

You know my point, but I’m curious to know yours.