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Lift reservations and resume work imminent

Lift reservations and resume work imminent

The Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and the City, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi, ordered the lifting of all reservations regarding studies at the Douira stadium level, as well as those related to the outer perimeter, to allow the launch of the technical secondary works. A press release from the ministry said.

These and other instructions came during an evaluation meeting devoted to the “Al-Duwaira” stadium, which was held on Monday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Housing, Urbanism and the City, headed by the Minister and in the presence of the central executive directors of the Ministry, the Design Office “CNIC”, which is responsible for monitoring the project, the Design Office “OUNE” responsible for studies as well as the company ZCIGC Construction.

After attending the presentation of the land plan, which showed the most important obstacles facing the project, especially with regard to external development works, especially the transfer of housing, the concrete factory and all the unnecessary equipment to enable the company to implement the project. The statement added that the minister ordered to speed up the pace of construction of the three tunnels and the total equipment for the stadium’s garden by removing everything that has nothing to do with the works.

Regarding the roof of the stadium, after the completion of the construction of the metal structure of the stadium, the Minister instructed him to draw up a list of the necessary equipment for building the roof, specifying it and calculating it at the level of deposit and removing all administrative obstacles that prevent its import.

On the contractual level with the Chinese production company, Muhammad Tariq Belaribi instructed to settle the amounts owed by the Chinese production company, and to sign employment contracts with Algerian companies, in the event that the Chinese production company falters in the implementation. From the 3×8 system, if the latter does not respect this working system before May 6. A commitment was also made to the construction company to speed up the decision-making process in this field.

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On the same day (Monday), the Minister of Housing, Town Planning and the City chaired a second meeting devoted to the “Tizi Ouzou” stadium, during which he was briefed on the work plan of the company responsible for carrying out the preparation work. In addition to billing plans covering the entire construction period, outlining the main technical limitations that hinder the construction company. The work system that will be applied in the stadium was also discussed during this meeting.

The minister indicated that these axes are necessary and mandatory to start work in a continuous and harmonious manner and in line with the duration of the works.