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Covid-19 - Sarthe: Two more deaths in the nursing home in Saint-Calais, and a total of five deaths for the elderly

Covid-19 – Sarthe: Two more deaths in the nursing home in Saint-Calais, and a total of five deaths for the elderly

Last week, three elderly people living at EHPAD in Saint-Calais died after contracting Covid. On Monday, we learned that the disease had led to two additional deaths.

An outbreak of covid-19 contamination has been detected at the Henri-Dunant nursing home in Saint-Calais, in the Sarthe region. Twenty-five positive cases were counted, and five citizens died within a week at this 80-person facility.

Among the positive cases, 25 are residents but there are also two specialists (a nurse and a hospital services employee).

The five people who died were over 90 years old, and at least three had co-morbidities.

The ARS of the Pays de la Loire states:

β€œOn September 11, the nursing home was informed of the positive case of two members of the animation troupe, despite a full vaccination schedule, who had attended to lead an activity the previous week at the Henri Dunant Home. Meals, suspended activities, picnics and visits) and began a sampling campaign for all residents and staff The third injection campaign was stopped.”

The first positive case was known on 21 September.

Since the advent of the ‘post-vaccination group’, the pathological chronology has begun.

On September 30, two residents were hospitalized at Saint-Calais and Lafferte Bernard Hospitals. Both are now deceased. Plus a third person who succumbed to the consequences of Covid on 1 October.

This Monday, October 4, two other residents died.

We are now awaiting the results of the mass examination organized this Tuesday within the institution.

For now, he confirms to the ARS of Pays de la Loire, “All infected residents have been isolated on the same floor to limit the spread of the virus. Wall measures have been reconfirmed, and a decision has been made to temporarily halt visits and activities and notify families.”

ARS which also points out, “All but four of the population are vaccinated against Covid-19, for reasons of medical contraindications. All nursing home workers are vaccinated. The booster vaccination campaign that was scheduled to start on September 27 has been halted.”

A study is being conducted by Public Health France on this group. It is the only one so far discovered by the health services. There is no other case of the same type in EHPAD in Sarthe.

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