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Avec le Fablab et Esteban Jonneaux de la cité des Télécoms, les enfants ont appris à scanner un objet en 3D pour le modéliser dans le but de l’imprimer.

Pictures. Science Festival in Lannion: “We Learn Things”

With Fablab and Esteban Jonneaux from Cité des Télécoms, kids learned to scan a 3D object to model in order to print it. (© Le Trégor Isabelle Philippet)

for 30NS Edition, in Ursulines, in Lannion, Fête de la science organized by the LTC on October 2 and 3. The program includes many activities, exhibitions and great discoveries for the public.

26 platforms were introduced, discovered, learned and tested in particular photonics, digital technology, the world of communication and also the history of science or everything related to nature in a very important pole.

We are glad that the school day went very well with 14 face-to-face classes, mostly from Lannionnaise, but also with remote workshops with the participation of 28 classes.

Agathe Candelacoordinator

Audiences came in droves as Marie Lou Dantec, Jean-Baptiste Lallis and their 7-year-old daughter Nina. “We are here to showcase Nina’s new techniques and new inventions to be open to all of this. Even we are learning things and finding our childhood spirit.”

Science is an open world for everyone

Learn how to scan 3D objects to replace a missing game piece, discover the phenomenon of stress, the world of photonics or even learn about the digital world, embroider with a numerically controlled machine … Sometimes the world of science is unknown and discovers that it is finally an open world for everyone .

“It’s a great edition with 712 visitors. Admittedly it’s not a record year, but with the health crisis, it’s very satisfying.”

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