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Barbie in Weightlessness, to educate women about scientific careers

Barbie in Weightlessness, to educate women about scientific careers

Space – Astronaut Barbie changes her looks to spark careers. On Monday, October 4, she did a weightless flight at a German base inEuropean Space Agency. Release Barbie doll Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti (the first Italian to go into space) made a parabolic flight, As you can see in the video above the article.

The experiment was conducted as part of an awareness campaign for science and space professions. Mini Samantha, brunette with Bob, was with several astronauts in training. His trip in zero gravity aboard the “vomit comet” took 20 seconds. It marks the start of World Space Week, which runs until October 10. This year’s theme: Women in Space.

A sector plagued by gender biases

The 44-year-old Italian is preparing to join International Space Stationin the spring of 2022. Speaking to Reuters news agency, she expressed her happiness that “Space Week [soit] Especially dedicated to inspiring more women to take up careers in space.”

The awareness campaign comes at a time Recent Studies It showed that women are underrepresented in science and aerospace professions.

“This miniature Samantha really has the experience of weightlessness,” salutes the future commander of the International Space Station. I really hope that by showing all this we can generate enthusiasm among young girls. Maybe these photos evoke a little glimmer of emotion in one of them, that would be incredible.”

Toy giant Mattel, the doll’s creator, guarantees that the proceeds from sales of this doll will be used to fund a scholarship for a doctoral student in science.

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