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Corey Scheuenemann has been assigned to Laval Rocket

Corey Scheuenemann has been assigned to Laval Rocket

What we’ve been waiting for so long has finally happened: Canadians replaced Corey Scheunemann for Laval Rocket in the playoffs and the end of the season.

This is what CH just announced.

Of course, you need to understand that this does not contradict the work done in Montreal. In 24 games in Montreal, he managed to talk about him and became a reliable defensive player in the NHL.

Sometimes in the stands, sometimes in the game, he did good hockey. We also know that he fell into the eye of Martin St. Louis when he arrived in Montreal as a Canadian driver.

Currently, CH has eight healthy defenders: Petrie, Savard, Edmundson and Romanov are regulars in the squad and youngsters such as Harris, Clague, Wideman and Lagesson share a third duo. Scheinmann’s departure will not create a gap at all and will give other players some time to play.

Lagison is not exactly an ordinary person, he is really the last defender of the hierarchy.

So Scheunemann will get big minutes at Laval to finish the season and playoffs. If he keeps up his good game, he’ll be able to remind everyone that he’ll want to fight for a full-time spot at the next bootcamp, where it’ll be for youngsters – or less skilled players. Suppose that the experience.

Remember, this is the second movement of people from CH with the Laval Rocket. early this morning, Canadian Raphael Harvey Benard called upBut he should return to the playoffs.

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Justin Barron is one of the guys who could also join Rocket in the playoffs. However, his injury clearly changed the organization’s plans.

Defensively, those were the Canadians’ only options, Laval. Emil Heinemann It is also an option in crime.