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Appendix: Lottery Details Reveal

Appendix: Lottery Details Reveal

Montreal Canadiens fans can spin around May 10 in their calendars.

The National Hockey League (NHL) announced that it will hold a lottery in anticipation of the next draft entry that day.

The event will take place virtually and all relevant CEOs will be present from their city.

Remember that starting this season, the team that wins the lottery can climb a maximum of 10 selection ranks. Thus, only the last 11 teams in the general classification can get the first speaking role.

As of Wednesday, specialist website puts CH’s chances of winning the first round at 12.1%.

Sainte-Flanelle is currently second in the NHL overall standings with a record of 20-46-11. Only the Arizona Coyotes have had less success than the Belle Province Club so far in 2021-2022.

The 2022 draft will take place from the Pittman Circuit in Montreal on July 7-8. Kingston Frontenacks frontman Shane Wright is likely to be the first skater chosen in this auction.

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