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Comedian Jean-Yves Lavese dies, actor and king of the hidden camera

Comedian Jean-Yves Lavese dies, actor and king of the hidden camera

Comedian and comedian Jean-Yves Lavese, famous for his phone tricks and hidden cameras, has died at the age of 64.

Cedric Perrin / Postig

Born in Pontine in Morbihan, Jean-Yves Lambert spent most of his adolescence traveling between Paris, Djibouti, London and Italy.

After studying literature and cinema, he started his career as a comedian and actor on the airwaves of several radio stations. First on Carbon 14, then on Radio Nova and Europe 1, he became famous in 1984 for his many (very) phone tricks, soon followed by hidden cameras filmed on the street, for audience interviews, for TV channels such as TF1 or France 2.

If he managed to deceive thousands of Frenchmen by playing different characters in a row on the phone, then his unforgettable voice is undoubtedly that of Mrs. Ledoux, the naive and lovable grandmother to whom the most improbable adventures always happen.

Building on his success, he took the stage between 2014 and 2016 to give his own shows.

On the big screen, Jean-Yves Lavis got some roles in the ’90s, in particular a voice in the legendary American category Michel Hazanavicius. Recently, we were able to see him briefly in the selection of L’Arnacoeur with Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis, and Roxane, along with Guillaume de Tonquédec.

On TV, he has given his voice to the character of Adrien Dubouchon in the animated series Tom-Tom and Nana, since 2019.

He died on July 23, 2021, of Charcot’s illness, at the age of 64.

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