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Closing schools on the day of the eclipse sparks outrage

Closing schools on the day of the eclipse sparks outrage

School closures on the day of the eclipse shock and disappoint teachers in the area. Some have been preparing for this event for nearly two years.

Magdalen Island students will only benefit from the activity of observing a total solar eclipse in a school setting. The Centers for School Service (CSS) in Gaspeci chose to suspend classes for half a day in response to the logistical challenges posed by the event.

A science teacher at Du Rivière Primary Secondary School in Matapedia, Serge Denis, posted a message on social media on Thursday evening. As is the case in some service centers where they make it a real event, I believed in it. Silence of the leaders [au CSS] On this subject, I think René Lévesque is sensitive…and reasonable. But again I was disappointed.“, he says in his post.

He denounces the lack of consultation with the teaching staff to make the decision, even though many teachers have been preparing for this event for a long time. But instead of consulting those who know the matter on a scientific level, because that is the issue, they allowed us to work for free and in the end made a unilateral administrative decision.He adds in his post.

These glasses will allow you to safely observe the eclipse. (archive photo)

Photo: Radio-Canada/Amy Lafortune

At the René Lévesque School Service Center (CSS), the decision not to distribute the special glasses needed to observe the eclipse increases discontent. The height of absurdity, we are now asked not to distribute the glasses that were received in order to avoid encouraging students to observe the eclipse without supervision since they will be at home.Serge Denis adds.

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If I understand correctly, I will explain to my students the fascinating aspect of the event that I will recommend them not to watch because the service center refuses to give them the basic tool, for fear of being blamed for not providing adequate supervisionconfirms the science teacher.

Late and confusing directions

The director general of the Quebec Science and Technology Teaching Association, Camille Turcot, denounced the exaggerated description of the risks by school administrations as well as the late and confusing guidance.