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Two Samsung The Freestyle 2023 video projectors to create a picture like in a cinema

Two Samsung The Freestyle 2023 video projectors to create a picture like in a cinema

Last year, Samsung surprised everyone by unveiling its first portable projector, The Freestyle. It’s so compact, it projects a large picture for enjoying various media in almost any position. The 2023 edition of The Freestyle goes even further: if you have two units, you can combine them to get an image with an aspect ratio of 21:9, just like in a cinema.

Samsung took advantage of the 2022 edition of CES in Las Vegas to officially introduce it The Freestyle Portable Video Projector. Exactly a year later, the brand is back with a version of The Freestyle 2023 whose design hasn’t changed much. It is as compact as its predecessor and can be moved very easily from one room to another, especially if it is connected to a battery, which is offered as an option. The Tizen interface is always available as well as access to streaming platforms and also to those that allow online gaming, so the device becomes a real multimedia center, always ready for entertainment. The 2023 Classic still provides automatic corrections to improve the frame of the image. The great novelty of Freestyle 2023 is the ability to combine two video projectors. In fact, thanks to the Smart EDGE Blending technology, two images can be combined into one image, much larger, thus obtaining a display in 21:9 format and no longer 16:9, which is the ratio offered by the video projector by default.

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According to Samsung, the patented technology is able to automatically distort the image to fit and make the necessary adjustments for a cinematic experience. For other uses, it is also possible to align the two video projectors in the direction of height to obtain an image in 16:15 format, approximately square. Again, the device takes care of managing the collection of photos to create one.

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