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The Coaticook Valley Expo may not happen this summer…for insurance reasons

The Coaticook Valley Expo may not happen this summer…for insurance reasons

Coaticook. The Coaticook Valley Expo may not be held this summer. Its organizers are already struggling to find an insurer willing to deal with it.

“Without this coverage, we would not be able to move forward,” confirms the head of the summer event, Philippe Lancio. We have set a date of April 15 to find a solution.

“It's very disappointing because we built a great program this year,” he continues.

The problem lies with the side of the event being held on farmland, which is the Coaticook Area Agricultural Initiatives Center (CIARC) side. “The insurance company no longer accepts this type of risk,” confirms CIARC Director General Anthony Laroche. It's a matter of ownership. As far as we know, we are the only fair in Quebec that is held on a farm. Other events, such as Ayer's Cliff or Cookshire, are held on private or municipal land. If we were, we wouldn't have this kind of problem. For our organization, we are sure of our mission, which is the School of Farm, Animals and Built Heritage. If you add a gathering of several thousand people, the overall risk becomes very large for insurers. »

“These same companies have become more cautious over time,” Mr. Laroche continues. This is a much bigger issue than Expo. Farm owners are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain insurance. The Union of Agricultural Producers (UPA) has also looked into the issue recently. »

Search for solutions

For months, the Expo Vallée de la Coaticook team has been searching for solutions. The group works with the help of a broker to find a company willing to provide coverage for them. “We continue to knock on doors. We also expect answers over the coming weeks, but given the ones we have had in the past, let's say we are not holding our breath too much,” says Mr. Laroche.

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The possibility of moving the event was also considered. “If anyone wants to raise their hand, we will listen,” says Philip Lancio. It is impossible to return “to the city” as in the past. “We will need a shooting range and buildings to accommodate the animals. The standards are more stringent now. To ensure the success of the fair, it will have to be held on the CIARC grounds,” admits the fair head.

“We no longer want to continue working in vain,” adds the group's vice president, Tommy Peloquin. It's shocking because we are in good financial health. There were a lot of people last year and we managed to get a nice little surplus to ensure our future. We will cross our fingers for a solution. »