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PlayStation controllers are finally better supported on Steam

PlayStation controllers are finally better supported on Steam

Steam is letting developers know that it’s now possible to indicate DualShock and DualSense compatibility on the game sheet.

While there is technically no problem playing with observer For most games available on Steam, templates Play Station They’ve always been a little spaced out. Not for very long? This is the ambition behind Recent note Service sent by Steam to developers.

The keys are in the hands of the developers

Steam announced last week that developers will have a new form available when they submit their game that allows them to indicate compatibility with the DualShock 4 (PlayStation 4) and DualSense (PlayStation 5) controllers.

If possible, these controllers will be displayed in the dedicated insert in each game sheet, so it will be much easier to see if you can use the new DualSense Edge, for example, with the latest trendy game on Steam.

The addon will appear next month on Steam.© Screenshot / Steam

Steam explains in its post that compatibility with PlayStation consoles will be offered via product sheets starting next month. In addition, the new filter will allow consumers to view only games that are compatible (fully or partially) with the PlayStation console.

The slow but undeniable progress of PlayStation on PC

To motivate its decision, although delayed, Steam is motivated by the fact that more players are using the PlayStation pad today. In 2018, Steam counted just 11% of the roughly 87 million gamers who used console to play on PC. Today, this number has reached 27%.

A significant increase can be explained by several factors. The first is that the PlayStation 5’s DualSense has excellent keystroke, thanks to its precise haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The second is that Sony has worked hard to port some of its most popular games to PC (e.g The Last of Us Part One for example). Games that take advantage of these internal controller features, which can therefore motivate players to equip themselves accordingly.

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