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Charles Lafortune says he is heartbroken by the words of Julie Le Breton

Charles Lafortune was visiting the Stéphan Bureau scheduled Friday night for the finale of the first season of The Upside down world.

And the presenter returned to the words of Julie Le Breton, who, last March, had a sharp opinion on the daily series with Mic 93.3 FM.

Levels go down! It’s sausage! » She said in particular. “At some point I apologize to my friends who play in it, but you’re on tour every single day, it’s one take, it’s nonstop, the scripts are coming out, it’s talking! »

daily product It is indefensibleCharles Lafortune responded to his fellow actress as follows: It bothered me, because Julie, I started with her in Wattao and she was my blonde, but that’s not going to go there. »

Here, in Québécor, we did The Night When Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up: 16.2 days in one-hour episodes, while with Indefendable, we did 120 episodes in 153 days. It is not the same model “, He specifies.

Add : ” The important thing is that you have to make the difference between art, entertainment and big popular TV, you can’t always do Laurier Gaudreault because you don’t have the means, and sometimes, it’s important to make it non-transferable, because Indefendable makes it possible to pay off a large portion of Laurier Gaudreault. »

The producer also specifies that he makes several actors work in his daily life. ” That’s what a sausage is: feeding the troops co-launched by Bizz and Stéphan Bureau.

Remember that finalIt is indefensible Including many of the expected elements as surprises. More details here.

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