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Sango was afraid of drowning in Survivor Quebec: Marika was front row, she told us about it

Marika was the last to be kicked out Quebec survivor. She was entitled to blind side It was orchestrated by Jean Jr., who wanted to eliminate him.

We were able to speak with her the day after her package aired.

We asked her, among other things, about the troubling situation of Sango, who was afraid of drowning during a water challenge last Sunday.

I was really immersed in the ordeal at that time. It was a very physically demanding test. It seems there wasn’t much I was aware of. On the other hand, Sango was definitely right next to me. He looked at me, he really had fear in his eyes. At that moment I told him: “Don’t worry about the challenge, just swim.” It meant a lot to him. Then Jean Jr. went to his aid. Me, I was really focused on finishing the event, especially since at the time, we had Sango and Jean-Junior who couldn’t help us anymore, so we had to work twice as hard. »

Regarding the production’s reaction to this situation, Marika said: If the situation had become alarming, I would have intervened So we imagine the situation should have been under control, given the quick intervention from Jan Jr.

Remember, if the medical team didn’t intervene in this situation, it did so later in the season, when the candidate found himself in a sticky situation. More details here.

Marika also tells us that while watching the shows, Karen’s game surprised her the most. ” I underestimated her. I really didn’t see her as a player trying to take shots. We didn’t talk much about strategies together. But if I had to do it again, I guess I’d be more careful. »

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Remember, Karen’s vote was crucial to Marika’s elimination, because she chose to follow Jean Jr. and Kristoff, rather than the women of the tribe. ” It sure made me a little pinch [le fait qu’elle ait voté contre elle]. Especially because of seeing them in the minority [anciens Kalooban]And I really pushed them to stay, I gave them a chance and it backfired a bit, but everyone has a different strategy, a different way of looking at the game. I tried to take advantage and I can’t blame him. »

On Sunday, it would quickly become apparent that Thursday’s elimination would rattle the Calopan members as they arrived at the event. Marika had a good relationship with Joel, among others, how would the latter react?