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Bun Cha was honored at the UK Queen’s Platinum Jubilee | Culture-game

Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, it is featured in Vietnamese cookbooks. Photo: British Embassy in Vietnam

HANOI (VNA) – Vietnamese ‘Bun Cha’ (grilled bacon vermicelli) has been selected to feature in the cookbook celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

Presented in the “Bun Cha” recipe book by Vietnamese chef Dô Thi Hai Ly at the British Embassy in Vietnam.

Gareth Ward, the UK’s ambassador to Vietnam, shared in the book that “Bun Cha” is the pride of Hanoi cuisine. Although seated on a low stool in a popular restaurant, this dish is usually eaten when guests are at the British Ambassador’s residence in Hanoi to give them a true taste of the city.

The book is priced at around $ 36.8 and is available for sale on Amazon. According to the British Embassy in Vietnam, all profits from book sales will be donated to charities.

The “பன் சா“Its main ingredient is processed meat baked in charcoal. It is eaten with rice noodles, carrots, salad or green papaya. It is a favorite of Vietnamese people. Former US President Barack Obama tested it during his visit to Vietnam.

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