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SpaceX fired employees who were preparing a letter of criticism against Elon Musk

SpaceX fired employees who were preparing a letter of criticism against Elon Musk

Ego or real problem in the company? Personality discussionElon Musk In no case is it likely to be quiet after many employees have been laid off SpaceX, Was accused of criticizing him and producing an “open letter”. Quinn Shotwell, executive director of the Space Research Organization, is a decision-maker trying to justify possible disruption within the postal service.

Quinn Shotwell sent a letter to all employees on Thursday saying that a “small group” of employees had sent this letter to all colleagues asking for their possible signatures and participation in a survey. The manager says some felt “uncomfortable, intimidated and / or angry because the letter asked them to sign something that did not reflect their opinion” or “interferes with their ability to focus on their work.” However, she believes, “We have very essential jobs and do not need such jobsActivity Unequal “.

Is Elon Musk or the SpaceX boss tweeting?

An open letter from The Verge website criticizing Elon Musk’s behavior in public, as well as the latest Allegations of sexual harassment Against him, “We are often distracted and humiliated”. “As CEO and most important spokesperson, Elon is considered the face of SpaceX,” the signatories recalled.

The boss of SpaceX, but also the boss of electric car maker Tesla and many other start-ups, has been embroiled in controversy with the usual harsh messages on Twitter, sometimes secretive, sometimes insulting. But he has taken on a new dimension since it was announced in April Need to buy social networking.