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Brigitte Puigoli has moved in with her fiancé

Brigitte Puigoli has moved in with her fiancé

When the music video for lie to meexcerpted from her next album, Brigitte Puigoli seems to be making a clean wipe of her past to reveal herself in her new happiness: new love, new family life, new songs, new tour and new decade!

In an old abandoned factory east of Montreal, Brigitte Puigoli, dressed as a killer woman, is wandering around shooting a clip for her first original song in a very long time, lie to me. “This song is really my baby: it’s the first thing that totally belongs to me. I heard it on the radio and my eyes were watering. I admit it was the first time I invested myself so much in music, instrument selection, song construction, but also in the script.”

lie to me It tells the story of a deceived woman who decides to end a toxic relationship, in which she has lost herself, to find herself better. Clearly Brigitte Puigoli has things to say. “I had a lot to say, but maybe I subconsciously waited all this time because I wasn’t ready. This new album comes just in time, feel free to say things. I touch on overly personal topics that I rarely deal with. I talk, for example, About the passing of my father whom I have not seen in a long time. My daughter does not know. In fact, there are many things I say in my songs that I would be somewhat comfortable talking about.
in an interview.”

Expressing herself in this way is less confrontational for the singer, who believes that people often fit the scripts of the songs they listen to in order to make themselves stand out in them. “Most people won’t necessarily wonder if I’ve gone through everything I’m talking about. They will find more points in common with them in their history. It makes me feel good about writing this album. It liberates and reconciles me with the mother, lover, and woman I am trying to be.”

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Therapeutic writing

Writing these new songs isn’t necessarily easy for Brigitte Puigoli, but she is very editing. “Friends did big closed treatments and in the end, they had to write a letter and then burn it. I feel like that’s what I do with my songs. It’s like dropping a heavy weight on my shoulder. I free myself from so many things by writing and I imagine that by singing these songs night after night, During the tour that you will follow, it will also have this effect on me. I can’t wait for my first show to see people sing my words. I’m dreaming!”

Photo: Valerie Bloom

Brigitte took a break while filming her clip, Mens-me.

His new album of original songs is expected to be released in the winter of 2023. “I don’t want to rush into writing my songs. I’m going a bit slow. Plus, there’s been a movement with my friend. I realize that writing really does happen with the wind: it comes by itself. I keep in touch with my head and my heart, I’m searching for my feelings, but at the same time, I’m just going on with my 100 mph life.

period of changes

Engaged to Jonathan, Brigitte Puigoli recently moved with her daughter to her lover’s house. “Now we’re home at 6. Charlie is 5, and my boyfriend’s boys are 6, 8 and 10. It’s really a nice whirlwind when everyone gets home. The boys play really well with my daughter, they are very respectful. It’s clear that There are quirks, but I think I was made to have a big family. For example, I’ve always cooked a lot, even if there were two of us. I love children and love big family dynamics. We are very involved with our children and also manage to spend time as a couple. They go on It’s really okay, even if it’s a lot of work.”

Oddly enough, she didn’t really hold back before getting involved in this relationship. “I am a girl who asks herself a lot of questions. For example, I have never wanted to move in with a man before; she was not mine. But with him, it was very clear. The way he takes care of my daughter, a father is with his children, his loving attitude, the atmosphere In his house … In short, the work as a whole confirmed that I thought it was him. This is the first time I have asked myself some questions, and above all, I protect my happiness in this way.

Brigitte and Jonathan have known each other for a very long time, since they dated the same friends. “I met him when I was 21. I was singing with one of his close friends. I’ve always found him to like him, but he’s been in a relationship for a very long time. He called me because he wanted to hire me for a Drummondville show. Then he took the chance, knowing we were single. He told me recently That at that time, for him, he was unreachable for me. He would never have tried to get close to me, even if he loved me too.

Four decades

Although it is currently on a dubbed tour 40 yearsOnly in September will Brigitte Puigoli cross this path. “I deal with this memory better and better. I love how I am and how I develop. I put a lot less pressure on myself in my work. It’s weird, but I look less and less in the mirror. I find myself beautiful inside and out, I’m happy and I love my happiness.”

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From now until her birthday, Brigitte Puigoli continues to tour, while she finishes writing and recording her next album. She also made a small gift for herself and her daughter. “Charlie starts school in September, so I spend as much time with her as possible. I’m going to live like a mourner at the beginning of the school year, but I have a nice summer. Since we sold the house, I wanted to surprise her. In July, we’re going to Disneyland for five days in Florida. She’s Girls’ trip. We’re really pissed off.”

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