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Tenant rights  The Quebec Bar offers free consultations

Tenant rights The Quebec Bar offers free consultations

The Quebec Legal Clinic 500 has opened a time slot for consultations on housing law. École du Barreau students will offer their advice free of charge to first registrants until mid-July.

The Quebec Bar Association announced this in a press release on Tuesday.

The Quebec Provincial Legal Clinic will offer in-person appointments at its centers in Montreal, Quebec, Gatineau and Sherbrooke, in addition to offering virtual appointments.

The Barrio School students working in the legal clinic will provide their advice “under the close supervision of experienced lawyers,” the Bar Association said in its press release.

These meetings are a way for the Legal Clinic to help “reduce the stress experienced by people at risk of losing their housing, who face unreasonable rent increases, or attempts to renovate or repossess their illegal housing,” as we read in the press releases.

People seeking housing advice will be able to book a consultation starting Tuesday evening on the website of the Barreau du Québec Legal Clinic.

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