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A second member of Salut Bonjour announces his departure

A second member of Salut Bonjour announces his departure

There are obviously a lot of changes on the part of the big family Hello good Morningbecause one of the team members announced his departure.

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Last week, Stephanie Villeneuve, responsible for the weekday weather forecast, She announced, live, that she will not be returning this fall.

Now, a few days later, another member of the extended family has revealed that these were his last moments on the show: It’s Vincent Dessault, who can be seen on weekends at hello hello weekendwho leaves the ship. He will remain in office until the end of the summer.

On his Facebook page, the columnist explained that his schedule has become difficult to manage and that he wants to settle down. Remember that he hosts during the week in Montreal, in addition to being present at hello hello weekendin Quebec.

“I’m leaving hello hello weekend at the end of summer.
When I accepted the challenge of doing weekday radio in Montreal and weekend television in Quebec 4 years ago, I knew the time would come one day. So it’s time for me to find weekends and a slightly more stable schedule. Working insane is a huge privilege in the media world: I love being on juice, but now I want to be 5 days a week.
I’m still in love hello hello weekendBoth for the show and for my dear colleagues, whom I will miss very much. I leave with great friendships, lasting memories and just contact with the public Hello good Morning can create.
Thank you for everything.
(Long, tear-strewn letters were delivered to colleagues in person, privately),,” he wrote.

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Many of his subscribers were wishing him good luck with his new challenges, not to mention they’d be bored seeing him on TV this weekend.

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