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The world in pictures |  Journalism

The world in pictures | Journalism

Here is a selection of the best images from international news from Tuesday 7 May

Photo by Luis Robayo, AFP

Security forces block the road for demonstrators wanting to march towards the presidential residence in Olivos on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. They are against Argentine leader Javier Miley's ultra-liberal reforms, in a country where inflation remains out of control.

Photo by Justin Tallis, The Associated Press

Two students from a London primary school were touched by the visit of Queen Camilla (left), who opened a new library, the 50th LibraryH The kind meant to celebrate the coronation of the royal couple nearly a year ago.

Photography by Piroschka van de Wauw/Reuters

An installation depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of a demonstration in The Hague, Netherlands. The demonstrators demanded that the Kremlin master be imprisoned instead of starting his fifth term as head of Russia, who was officially inaugurated as president on Tuesday.

Photography by Marko Gorica – Reuters

A guard of honor awaits the arrival of Chinese President Xi Jinping at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, Serbia, where he continues his European tour after his visit to France.

Photography by Hau Dinh, Associated Press

In Vietnam, nearly 12,000 people celebrated the 70th anniversary in a stadiumH Anniversary of Dien Bien Phu's victory over French forces. The victory on May 7, 1954 led to the independence of the Southeast Asian country and the end of French colonial rule.

Photography by Hassan Hussein – Reuters

A tree falling on one of the busiest roads in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, caused damage to about 15 cars, in addition to disrupting monorail service.

Photography by Michael Brust, The Associated Press

A deer peeks through the tall grass near Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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