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The Fringants Cowboys brewed the cabin

Magic worked again with Les Cowboys Fringants, who filled their fans with happiness last night at the Videotron Center.

11,000 spectators in a packed house jumped up, raised their fists and roared for almost two hours, knowing all the words by heart.

Without artifice, the musicians climbed onto the stage playing the first ascending notes of the song down here. When Carl Tremblay appeared, people jumped to their feet, giving the disease-fighting singer a dose of energy that was palpable all over the runway.

The evening was off to a good start. Show cowboy strikes bye bye luAnd The demonstration And the Queen. The latter is amplified by the presence of brass instruments and is interspersed with extracted from stunned From the famous Australian band AC / DC.

The Fringants Cowboys brewed the cabin

Didier Debucher/Journal de Quebec

The commander took advantage of the last blizzard to get started winter is coming From the popular album break the union, It was released more than 20 years ago.

After, after All homes are the same Thousands of people turned into a loud singing chorus of “Pa Pa Da” Ti-ass.

warmth on my shoulder

crossing With his words on the ancient capital’s relish no thing Made the bridge to the lane on my shoulder.

Since the first chords of Jean-Francois Pause’s acoustic guitar, people have been grabbing each other by the shoulders to hum the comforting words of this poem.

The Fringants Cowboys brewed the cabin

Didier Debucher/Journal de Quebec

The spectators had not yet recovered from their feelings when the Repententine team put out all the chewing gum America is crying And straight ahead.

The four cowboys surrounded by six musicians haven’t finished smashing the house. After, after Paris MontrealViolin Marie Annick L├ępine released Happy Calvary by Loulou Lapierre.

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Undoubtedly, the early fans were ready to win Awikatchikaen. The song is from the old album Capri Motel Transfer guitarist Jerome Dubras, who took the opportunity for a small session from body surfing.

The Fringants Cowboys brewed the cabin

Didier Debucher/Journal de Quebec

The party is on

There was just As long as we have love Before showing up, but the party wasn’t over yet.

The adorable cowboys returned to the cheering “hohe hehe aho” from the crowd to perform Royal pub and the Thumbs up to Hector On the sound of jazz.

“Thank you for still being here after 25 years, my Tabarnak gang,” said the singer between two songs.

The Carl Tremblay Band capped off a wonderful evening with a performance Maritime trade And Shooting stars.

The Fringants Cowboys brewed the cabin

Didier Debucher/Journal de Quebec

part One

Originally from Maliotenam in northeastern Quebec, Shawit warmed up the crowd by opening his traditional, folk and reggae music for the show.

The singer-songwriter walked on stage alone, performing “Innu” while playing the tam-tam.

His group came to join him and the few words he had just taught them to his song were quickly conquered by the spectators who sang in chorus. Chapatisch nonna.

Shawit also had a little surprise in store for the crowd. He was joined by the one and only Yves Lambert, known for his years with La Bottine Souriante, to accompany him with an accordion.