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Plamondon and eternal glory

Plamondon and eternal glory

the offer Plamondon: Words that resonate It was shown on Saturday evening on Télé-Québec and has several characteristics. First the production by Christian Lalumière, then the choice of performers which goes off the beaten track. I did well ! There we find Clay and friends, Lydia Kipinski, Lumière, Cindy Bedard, Salomé Leclerc, Mathieu, Martha Wainwright, Fanny Blum, Ariane Roy, as well as Melissa Bedard, Laurence Jalbert and Bruno Pelletier.

Don't expect a large attendance from Plamondon. He made it all the way to the end to have a small cameo. As for his voice, it is taken from archival excerpts (Monique Giraud's show in particular) in which he narrates the origin of the songs presented. That of Belmont Park overwhelming.

Congratulations to Alex McMahon for updating the proposed works so well (Summer trails, Belmont Park, Call the girl, Rock heart, Oxygen, against each other, Love still exists, Words that ring, Businessman blues, Cathedral timing, A boy like no other, A hymn to the beauty of the world).

I'm warning you, you're in for a little shock. The sounds and arrangements are light years away from the original versions. Surprising and disappointing details, these wonderful recordings will not be found on any platform.

You will have understood, we have relied on well-known songs. A huge fan of mine regrets the lack of boldness here. Despite hundreds of creations by this prolific author, we always return to the same titles.

Meanwhile, nuggets like About the block, Baghuman, Twentieth floor, From five to seven, Weekend on the moon, This is where I want to live, A lullaby for a man, Go for glory, I am a woman today, Vertigo, I had two lovers or Straight singer Continue to sleep.

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Come on, designers, be a little bold! “There has to be someone to do it,” as Diane Dufresne said so well!

This tribute to Plamondon (followed by a special edition ofLive from the universe Dedicated to the new team of Starmania) comes exactly 50 years after an incredible period of turmoil for the lyricist, and it's a title he demands loud and clear.

In 1974, at the age of 32, Plamondon emerged from a fertile period of writing with Records Apart from that I feel good/circus operaDiane Dufresne's most daring project, Tonight I make love with you That makes René-Claude sing The world is crazyIn the same way delicateundoubtedly Donald Lautrec's best record (The sun is gone, The wall behind the barn, Groundhog).

In the mid-1970s, it was Plamondon whom performers tried to lure into extracting words from him who knew how to make a sound thanks to a method for which he had the secret. Andre Gagnon once told him that he wrote poems, not songs. This did not fall on deaf ears.

Photo by Jean Goupil, Press Archive

Nanette Workman, Luc Plamondon and Fabien Thibault, in January 1979

At this time, Plamondon wrote an unusual card. His creativity seems endless. He creates for Dennis Filiatro, who wants to impress with the show An offer that tempts me with the people I lovethe song We are all doing business. It will be taken up in 1976 by Diane Dufresne in My first offer.

He also signed some new titles for René Claude, who presented the show in October 1974 at the Place des Arts I am a woman. Pauline Julien also wants her share of Plamondon. He makes it The flight to Miami. Pierre Lalonde raises his hand. it will be A woman in my life.

Added to this is the beginning of writing songs for the record On the same wavelength By Diane Dufresne in which we will find bombs: The ups and downs of being a flight attendant, I need a friend And Elvis song.

It was also during this period that he received a phone call from someone named Michel Berger. The French composer offers to collaborate with him to create a rock opera. The work will continue for two years. Starmania It will be premiered on stage in Paris in 1978.

While he was developing the framework for this legendary work, two French artists took the opportunity to get their hands on it: Françoise Hardy (recovery), Catherine Lara (The last meeting, Connect it to me(And Nicole Croiselle)Everyone can sing their song).

Fifty years after experiencing this incredible whirlwind, Luc Plamondon deserves to have the same euphoria with a comeback Starmania In Quebec and an international tour in Notre Dame – Paris. Never seen anything like it!

Luc Plamondon is rare. But every time I saw him in recent months (he received a standing ovation when he went up to greet the audience), I felt happy, very happy.

What amazes me about Luc Plamondon is that the career of a lyric poet, which he wanted to pursue since he was eight years old, was the only career of his life. While the art world often forces creatives to sell their souls to the devil, clowning around in many areas, this man has always stayed in his groove.

In this day and age, this is a great achievement.

Plamondon: Words that resonateApril 6 at 9pm and April 7 at 8pm, Télé-Québec

With Beau Dommage, it was clear!

What a great TV moment we had last Monday evening when Anne-Marie Dussault performed 24/60 special issue In the company of Beau Dommage members who came to celebrate the 50th anniversaryH Anniversary of their first album. Michel Rivard, Marie-Michelle Derosier, Michel Hinton, Robert Léger, Pierre Huet, and Rial Derosier (only Pierre Bertrand was absent) were generous with anecdotes and memories. My favorite moment was when Michael Hinton said: “Beau Dommage songs, you know what they're about from the first listen. I listen to things today and I don't understand a thing.” He's not wrong at all. This show will be rebroadcast on June 24 and will then be available on OHdio. Don't miss this.