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College football: Jonathan Sénécal, a show not to be missed at the Controls of the Carabins

College football: Jonathan Sénécal, a show not to be missed at the Controls of the Carabins

Montreal – Recognized as a city of shows and events, Montreal will add to its sporting essentials thanks to the university’s football scene and top-tier allure, quarterback Jonathan Senical.

We’re hilarious to describe it that way, because we shouldn’t put any extra pressure on the 22-year-old.

However, given how Sénécal has excelled in his rookie season with the Carabins, he could make an impact in his second campaign. Sports fans are fortunate to be able to admire his talent, as he reconsidered his initial plans which were to play college football on American soil (at the University of Connecticut).

Modest and discreet, Sénécal doesn’t want to get into throwing even though he averaged 300 air yards in his five full games. His coach and senior partner Marco Idiluca also expresses himself very cautiously.

“Usually, the second year is the year you see the biggest improvement for a college player. Atmosphere He’s been fantastic off-season and is in a position of confidence with me and Gabriel (Cousineau, his offensive assistant). We want him to keep going like everyone else, no more, no less. “We just want him to do his job,” explained Idiluca, who succeeded Danny Macciusia.

However, his team is betting on an offensive gem.

“We obviously have a special player on our hands and we expect great things from him. But, at the same time, this is where you can get into trouble, when you try to do too much,” the coach specified when he was revived.

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While some believe it increases the pressure on the coach’s shoulders to develop such talent, Iadeluca has brushed off that perception.

He laughed, “I don’t know, but I’ll gladly take it any time!” You always want to work with the best possible talent in any position. »

Rourke inspires Sincal to imitate him

Obviously, where the pressure can become depends on the level it will reach. But since there’s been a great history shaping up in the CFL this season, let’s take a positive look at it all.

Sénécal’s face lights up when we talk about Nathan Rourke’s show-stopping track, and more, in BC Lions’ attack controls.

“I’ve watched his comeback this week against the Stampeders. I see he’s playing well, he’s Canadian and he’s able to put in some good performances. I’d like to be able to do that later,” said the number 12 blues, who has added ten pounds of muscle to his body.

Sénécal has the assets to show that Rourke is not only an exception to this perception that Canadian midfielders can’t impose themselves in the CFL.

“Before, it wasn’t really something normal. With him, this proves that Canadian midfielders can play at the same level and can even be better than the Americans.

“When I was younger, CFL, I didn’t really see it achievable. It makes me want to give myself more, to press more to achieve that goal,” added the right-handed with his strong arm.

The funniest part of this story is when you ask Sénécal the year of his draft.

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“I don’t know…,” he sighs with a small smile that signifies that he is already focused on the present.

The canceled COVID-19 season has many people confused about this. But, good news for the Carabins, because the CFL confirmed in It’s 2025 which should allow him to play, at least, in 2022, 2023 and 2024.

Let’s think more.

“It’s fun for all the young quarterbacks in Canada. Some start at the age of six. Before, they thought if they wanted to play in the CFL they would have to change positions. It’s exciting for everyone in Canadian football and even more so for youngsters like Jonathan who have aspirations. It helps break the beliefs that players can’t play,” Idluca summed up.

His talent is so high that it is not impossible for him to mishandle the opposition in 2022 and 2023. Is it appropriate for him to remain in the league in 2024?

“In his senior year of college he had a major injury and he didn’t play. Then there was the canceled COVID year. Last season he played five regular games and two in the playoffs. He doesn’t even have a real full season in his body, he’s still a very young midfielder. I definitely think That his third year will be very useful to him. Can he leave after that? It’s hard to guess. But the replay comes in the fourth year, and we won’t complain about it, we’ll keep it,” commented Iadeluca.

against a swollen head

In order for the rise of Sénécal to maintain the same shade, it will be necessary to protect it well. In this regard, the Carabins’ offensive line is undergoing a period of renewal, which will be a challenge for management.

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“With Jonathan, it adds quite a bit of challenge or pressure, but we take the opportunity to work even harder,” admitted Marc-Antoine Hoody, who has returned from a horrific right ankle injury.

But that doesn’t worry defensive linebacker Bruno Lagassi, who knows Sénécal well, as he was also his college teammate with André-Grasset.

“Those who are stressed look at Joe and see that he is calm, he is reassuring. He brings calm and confidence to our team. When he embarks on the field, his legs are not trembling,” Lajas photos.

“When you play with him, there is something special,” he agreed without being able to contradict him.

For any sports team, it is an honor to count on a talent of this dimension. It is even more so when the athlete does not bulge his head.

“He’s so humble. You can meet him on the street (he’s a fan of electric scooters) and you’d never think he’s a superstar. He’s still one of the best quarterbacks in Canadian football history,” said Lagasse.

We say that his sophomore year has not yet begun. Both the player and the human bring positive things to our team,” Lagasse concluded, realizing that it is big, but real and widespread as an affirmation.