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Travis Green as head coach in Ottawa: It's (almost) over.

Travis Green as head coach in Ottawa: It's (almost) over.

The Senators fired DJ Smith in December and finished the season with Jack Martin behind the bench.

However, we knew they were looking for a new coach for next season… and it looks like that has been done.

At the very least, everything points to Travis Green being the one to get a chance to show off behind the bench in Ottawa, according to Darren Dreger on Twitter/X.

Green's name has been popping up in the nation's capital lately, as has Craig Berube's name.

However, Green is a younger coach…and that fits with the rest of the roster, who are also young:

It has been said often lately that the Senators need a coach who is tough on his players.

A man who is able to bring everyone back to order when things go wrong deep down.

Can Travis Green fill this role?

The question arises in my eyes…because he wasn't able to do that in Vancouver with a young Canucks team.

Travis Green has nearly 1,000 games of playing experience in the NHL (970, to be exact) and has tasted the experience. Game.

However, being a coach is different…and Green has yet to prove he's a good coach behind the bench.

The Senators have everything they need to be very successful next year, especially as the club has reached maturity.

It doesn't necessarily look like an easy task for Green as the Atlantic Division will still be very good next year, but this is where we will see if he is a good coach or not.

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In all cases. All of this means that next season could be an interesting one in Ottawa.


Remember, after all, Travis Green finished last season as (interim) head coach of the Devils after Lindy Ruff was fired.

The fact that he's not coming back to New Jersey seems to me to say a lot…

But good. The Sens can do whatever they want!