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Avatar Reckoning Pandora

Avatar: Reckoning – Go back to Pandora thanks to the MMORPG

While the next installment of the Avatar saga is expected to hit theaters in December 2022, Ubisoft is working on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, another title adapted from the movie by James Cameron It will appear during the year. It is the Archosaur game studio, which is known for developing MMO games like World of Kings or Dragon Raja, Running on Avatar: Reckoning, an MMORPG that will be available on mobile.

Players will be able to create their own Na’Vi to defend Pandora, which is still plagued by humans who came to harvest unobtanium from the planet. A main campaign will be integrated in order to be able to play solo but the heart of the game lies in its co-op, multiplayer and PvP modes. Shooter mechanics will also be part of the game with controls specially adapted for mobile phones.

If the title announcement comes as a surprise, it’s no surprise that Disney wants to make the most of the license that was created over a dozen years ago. And so we can see a desire to rekindle enthusiasm for this saga as the many delays to Avatar 2 are starting to disappoint fans. That’s why we should expect to hear about the Avatar licensing throughout 2022.

At the moment, very little information has been revealed except that a closed beta has already been planned in Canada for January 2022. If Avatar: Account Meeting the expected success, we will undoubtedly see updates and content appear in connection with the upcoming movie both on the character level and even the different places on the planet Pandora.

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We look forward to more information regarding Avatar: Account Learn more about the gameplay and discover the landscapes developed with Unreal Engine 4. We’ll also be watching Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, a tentative title just as ambitious as the cinematography…