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How to play Sutom, the French version of the current online game

How to play Sutom, the French version of the current online game

Five letters and only six trying to figure out a word every day. This is the formula Wordle, the online game that has just become popular in recent days. Close to the famous game show a movement In France 2, it has managed to attract hundreds of thousands of Americans since its launch at the end of the year before beginning to seduce the French, many of whom now share their daily results on social networks using the hashtag #wordle.

This free game was designed by a computer engineer who didn’t want to monetize it. It can be accessed on mobile phone and computer at and do not appear In any app store. But its success inevitably gave ideas to many developers who took the principle of offering copies on the App Store and Android Play Store. Be careful, therefore, if you download an app that pretends to be Wordle, it’s possible that it’s malware or you’re being asked to pay to access certain features. App stores are already starting to clean up these copies.

Another predicament for French netizens, Wordle is an English speaking game Which requires juggling words in the language of Shakespeare. However, the success of the original game was inspiring French version, SotomAnd a movement Upside down, which allows you to play with Larousse’s words and use the game’s presentation rules. Again, the game is not on the official app stores. You have to give up On the official Sutom website From the Internet browser on your computer or mobile phone. Sutom pushes the concept a little further by submitting a 6, 7, 8 or 9 letter word each day to detect when the initial game does not exceed five letters.

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