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after Monday My hero’s justiceAnd Bandai Namco I decided not to stop there with video games based on the manga world My hero academy Created by Kohei Horikoshi and anime studio bones, as a new game revealed in the latest issue of the magazine Weekly jump. This time it will be a battle royale will be available in Free to play (Free, but with in-app purchases), which is planned to be released, at the moment on an unknown date, in Nintendo SwitchAnd Play Station 4, X-Box One And computer.

authorized My Hero Academy: Ultra Rumble (The “Academics” would almost certainly retire in the West, as was the case with My Hero One’s Justice), it would be Can be played up to 24 So the focus will be on action and multiplayer. We don’t have more details at this time, but some screenshots from the Weekly Jump article show the first photos getting close to My Hero One’s Justice. As for the Dragon Ball: The Breakers, there will be one Closed beta testing Which will allow the game to be experienced for the first time in a version under development in order to allow developers to collect fan feedback and then improve the game, and all the details will be revealed on the official website that will be at this address. At the moment, Bandai Namco has not officially made the game online and we don’t know if it will be localized or not. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

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