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Australia, which has been hit by a series of disasters, wants to achieve that

Australia, which has been hit by a series of disasters, wants to achieve that

When it comes to environmental policy, Australia has long been one of the most fearful countries in the world, addicted to fossil fuels.

But the federal election in May 2022 saw the arrival of a Labor government promising to cut CO2 emissions by 43% by 2030 compared to 2005 rates. The objectives confirmed in the Climate Change Act Review included increased CO2 emission reduction targets.

That climate change is similar Repeated disasters, Australians have bitter experiences: bushfires, droughts, floods, storms, sea level rise and water temperatures. Fortunately, change continues in Australia's political environment.

56 Hazards of National Importance

The government released its first phase on Tuesday National Climate Risk Assessment . A stark reminder of the devastating effects of climate change on Australia, this interim report identifies 56 risks of national importance facing the country above all else.

Eleven of them were estimated Priority risks Australians can be threatened in their daily lives, in their food, health services, transport, security and national defence, water supply, trade and finance, public services, etc.

In the second phase of the development of the National Adaptation Plan, they will be reviewed by the end of this year and public contributions are being sought.

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