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Joe Biden and Donald Trump are certain to win their party's nomination

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are certain to win their party's nomination

After Tuesday's vote, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump won enough delegates in the Democratic and Republican primaries to win their party's nomination this summer. So a return match between the two rivals is confirmed.

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US President Joe Biden, a Democrat, and former President Donald Trump, a Republican, confirmed on Tuesday, March 12, that they will win their respective parties' nominations ahead of next November's presidential election.

Joe Biden needed 1,968 delegates to win his party's nomination. The number was higher Tuesday evening after Georgia's Democratic primary ballots began counting, according to the Edison Research Institute. Results of primaries held in Mississippi, Washington state and the Northern Mariana Islands are still pending.

“Voters, we must now make a choice about the future of this country. Will we fight back and defend our democracy, or will we allow others to destroy it? Will we restore our right to decide and protect our freedoms, or will we allow extremists? Confiscate them?” Joe Biden asked in a statement.

Donald Trump, for his part, reached the 1,215 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination, while four state primaries were held on Tuesday, most notably in Georgia, where the former president has been accused of attempting to alter the results of the November 2020 presidential election. Election.

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