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Mother's Day |  For the gourmet mother

Mother's Day | For the gourmet mother

Mom likes to eat and drink well? Here are some lovely gifts you can give him, including some that he can enjoy in your company.

Invitation to dine at 9H

If you're aware of the reopening of this architectural icon in Montreal, you know that Ile de France is the restaurant you should take your mother (and grandmother) to in the coming weeks. The dining room, previously a large room now reserved for events, will be in a more intimate and bright section of the famous 9H Eaton Center floor. With Liam Hopkins as Executive Chef and Derek Dammann as Director of Catering, it's a no-brainer that the menu will be spot on, somewhere between nostalgia and modernity. It is scheduled to open to the public in Ile-de-France in mid-May.

Visit website 9H

Photo from Instagram account @MIELSHEDENE

Honey from the French brand Hédène

Discover honey

Many years ago my dear mother was collecting honey. She has dozens of them, and from time to time, she offers me the chance to taste. The nectar that systematically stands out from the crowd? Those are from the French brand Hédène, which you can buy here at the Gourmet Laurier grocery store and at Les passions de Manon (Saint-Hyacinthe). The differences in topography and flowers are incredibly pronounced and the diversity of scents is impressive. Some honeys – including heather – have a bit of tartness that makes you salivate. Each 250-gram jar costs about $25, depending on flavors.

Gourmet Laurier, 1042 Laurier Avenue West

Passions of Manon, 1660, Rue des Cascades, Saint-Hyacinthe

Photo by Marco Campanozzi, press archive

It's not too late to learn about wine!

Discover wine

It's not too late to learn about wine! Some tasting course options are more interesting than others. This is the case at the wonderful restaurant/natural wine bar Verdun Beach and the Ahuntsic establishment Les Cavistes. At ITHQ's Blanc Bec Bar, we offer quick hour-and-a-half sessions on the latest wine trends. It's attractive enough, without becoming boring.

Visit the Verdun Beach website

Visit the Wine Merchants website

Visit the ITHQ website

Image courtesy of the additional menu

The famous Coulibiac from the Extra menu is back on the occasion of Mother's Day.

Meal ready!

An individual coulibiac feast at home with mom, with pesto salad, asparagus, raspberries, and maple panna cotta, among other things, is a great way to spend time with those you love. Isn't this the moment that would make him happiest deep down? Simply order in advance on the company's website, then pick it up at the Menu Extra location in Montreal or have it delivered to you.

Visit the additional menu website

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Press Archive

Cooking workshops are always a great activity to do with mom.

Moments in the kitchen

Whether it's learning how to make fresh pasta at Ateliers et Saveurs (Montreal and Quebec), discovering some Vietnamese, Persian or other specialties at Westmount Library/Kitchen Appetite for Books (in English) or creating a custom chocolate bar at Etat de choc boutique Or at Avaana, cooking workshops are always a great activity to do with your mom.

Visit the Ateliers et Flavors website

Visit the Appetite for Books website

Visit the State of Trauma website

Photo by Alain Roberge, Press Archive

Giovanna Covoni recently launched a family recipe book.

A book that inspires him

The book is truly written by Mama, Giovanna Covoni Bottega, our family recipes and traditions It is a true celebration of Italian cuisine, whether for everyday or special occasions. To give as a gift around a good pizza and a bottle of Barbera.

Bottega, our family recipes and traditionsS, Giovanna Covoni, Human Editions, 224 pages

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