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Xlinks Morocco-UK submarine cable can be connected to Germany

Xlinks Morocco-UK submarine cable can be connected to Germany

Xlinks is exploring the possibility of connecting its undersea clean energy cable to Germany rather than the UK. As part of the Xlinks Morocco-UK project, this approach will be a means of securing government support critical to the success of the project.

According to information from Bloomberg , in the words of general manager Simon Morrish, Xlinks is indeed exploring this option, considering “everything is possible”. The Xlinks Morocco-UK Power project aims to transport solar energy from Morocco to the United Kingdom. Although still in the development phase, it has attracted significant investment from large companies.

However, one important aspect remains unclear: the extent of government support. Xlinks hopes that the German will may put pressure on the English government to support the project. The company is said to have started talks with the governments. Notably, the UK classifies the Xlinks cable as an infrastructure project of national importance, suggesting possible executive involvement.

The solar, wind and battery systems under the project will generate around 26 terawatt hours of electricity, which is transmitted via an undersea cable to the German grid operated by Tenet Holding BV.

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