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Australia: Orcas rescues trapped humpback whale

Australia: Orcas rescues trapped humpback whale

Nature does not stop surprising us. And they were definitely not the passengers on the boat Sharks Who will say the opposite. On January 10, when they were at Bremer Bay, inside Australia, Tourists traveling with the Whale Watch Western Australia Tour Operator were amazed to see the young humpback whale. Generally, this species is found in Antarctica at this time of year.

As you can see in the video below, The Cone whale Was in bad condition, tired, probably injured, and caught in a fishing net. Typically, orcas feed on humpback whales. So, the passengers, who saw the three killer whales coming straight at the whale, thought they were going to see a killer.

“Humpback whales are usually a part of their diet, so when we saw this injured person and Orcas approaching, we were worried.”, Said Whale Watch Gemma Sharp of Western Australia Mandura Post.

But what they saw was a completely different scenario. Instead of using the prey to their advantage in the worst case scenario, three predators, named Hookfin, Blade and Matriarch Queen, willingly or unwillingly released the whale from the net.

“When she raised her tail paddle, we were able to see that this horned whale was trapped, and our hearts sank. Whale Watchers says in a press release from Western Australia. She rolled over and during the process we could see the blade swimming directly under her tail paddle and looking at the problem of the rope … the killer whales headed towards the whale. The Queen of Matriarch came and headed for the humpback whale, which caused a rush of white water. Then something unbelievable happened – a large piece of green rope stuck to the animal was floating freely behind it. “

Before proceeding: “Did the Queen deliberately or accidentally help rescue this humpback whale? After this last approach, the Arcas reunited and pulled away from the whale. To our surprise, they lost interest as the whale swam in the opposite direction. Came around so close that it gave the perfect opportunity to observe the severity of the injuries caused by the rope, and it & # 39 ;s nice to see that most people are not on this whale.

There is a question: what is the status of this young whale? Will he succeed with his allies in Antarctica? Will she be around until they come back in a few months? Will she escape from other predators? Now that she has been released, her chances of survival are high anyway.

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