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Australia: Concerns grow over missing Belgian hiker

Australia: Concerns grow over missing Belgian hiker


Concern grows over missing Belgian hiker

Australian police on Thursday expressed concern over the disappearance of a young Belgian hiker in the remote northwest of the island state of Tasmania.


Celine Creamer was last seen on June 17 in a small town in the northwest of the island, and her SUV was found on Tuesday, at the start of a trail, in the Durkin rainforest. Police said he left the car “a little more comfortable to drive.”

Freezing conditions

Officials and families are increasingly concerned that bad weather has hampered searches involving ground troops, drones and helicopters. Nighttime temperatures were near freezing this week, with rain and snow falling across the region.

“The weather has been difficult in recent days,” Inspector Anthia Mainge said on Thursday. “Unfortunately, we have received advice from medical experts who indicate that the current conditions will not allow Celine to survive for the length of time she has been in the wild,” he said.

“The search continues but we are dealing with very thick bush and the difficult weather is expected to worsen in the coming days,” Ms Mainge warned.


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