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At peace with his career

At peace with his career

Almost two years ago, Keven Fortin-Simard had hopes of one day developing on the world’s largest golf course. Whether he was in the US or Europe, he was ready for anything on his wildest adventures. Life brought him to another place, without putting a definitive cross on his dream.

In the winter of 2019, Quebec set out on an adventure on US roads with his wife, 19-month-old daughter, and dog on a rickety RV. On his way he participated in various tournaments and qualifications. Epic brought him home in the middle of summer after many adventures, both on the pitches and on the asphalt.

Despite all the visits to the garages of lost hamlets in the American countryside, the family experienced a true journey.

The following fall, the Fortin-Simards sailed to Europe to qualify for the Challenge Tour, the European Circuit waiting room. Another trip during which they were filled with lasting memories while living by the sea, in Portugal.

Another direction

But upon his return, without being able to obtain a qualification, the golfer branched out into the business world. The main sponsor of his adventures in 2019, RL Énergies de Chicoutimi, in Saguenay, offered him a job.

This didn’t sound like the end of his dream, but he “crafted” it.

“I am fortunate that it was an offer that came at the right time. I could have taken another direction. It was new and quite challenging,” said the man in charge of business development for a network of fast charging stations.

A job that also fell to its zenith a few months before the start of the pandemic, which then paralyzed golf courses in America.

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So the context led him to change his mind and review his career on the trails. Now, the father of two children, Emma and Noah, who both work full time, golf is no longer high on his list of priorities. He has experienced multiple experiences in his adventures. He was advancing towards a new one.

“In the past, I got sucked into a golf routine. Life has changed. There is nothing else but golf in life,” said the person who put enough pressure on the motorized American ride,” swallowed nearly $30,000.

current desire

But he doesn’t regret this trip which still made him laugh a lot. It also allowed him to discover certain talents deeply buried in him.

“I didn’t put a cross on the big rings, but my game on the field will tell me that [mon] The future in sports, the 35-year-old golfer continued. Obviously, when things are going well, I want to play more. “

“To see if I benefit from it more or less than before, I want to be competitive. I am fortunate to be able to experience this.”

Will this fourth place in the number one championship on the McKenzie Tour calendar, the best tour of the country, change his plans for the rest of the summer?

not really.

Fortin-Simard intends to seize the opportunities that arise on its own schedule. He was not planning on competing in all eight events on the Canadian PGA Tour. From coast to coast, it will last until October.

He might be tempted by the end of the season in the West if he can wear his father’s multiple hats, full-time manager and professional golfer.

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Quebec believed her to the end

Plainville | Starting the final round five strokes behind the leader, Kevin Fortin Simard fought a heated fight to his last stroke on Sunday at Le Blainvillier Golf Club.

When exiting the green at 16NS Pennant, Quebec has been tied for first place at the Mackenzie Investments Open in the Heritage cycle.

On the penultimate set, his playmate, Brendan Leonard, hit the accelerator, and finished in modern style with two birds. Thanks error in 72NS Pit, Fortin-Simard finally finished fourth and tied with Blair Bursey at -6.

“I played well, but not enough to raise the trophy, I summed up the person who signed the final card 71 (-1). Leonard finished the job. I was five strokes out of my head when I hit the first pole and almost won. It was a great experience. ”

positive sim

Under clouds and in the absence of wind, unlike other rounds, Fortin-Simard had some difficulties with its momentum at the start of the day. He adapted, but his three irons cost him dearly. With this tool on hand at 17NS, a scale 5 of 550 yards where it would be possible to approach the flag on the second hit, positioned himself precisely on the edge of the green. The jumper was going to be a game-changer on the last hole.

After all, the golfer from Chicoutimi, in Sagenuay, left North Beach feeling duty accomplished.

“I had no expectations when I came to this tournament. I wanted to get to the fourth round and obviously I was aiming for the win. But to have raced the lead all the way to the end is positive.”

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Ontarian Leonard (68, -4) finished with a -9 cumulative score, enjoying his first McKenzie Tour win.

For Quebec, Brandon Lacasse and Ianque Lamarie ranked 12th, respectivelyNS (-1) and 20NS (n).