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Boxing: Kim Clavel ready for her 'big moment'

Boxing: Kim Clavel ready for her ‘big moment’

Kim Clavell is ready. Ready for her “big moment” that will change the course of her career.

“It’s 20 minutes of work that can change the rest of my life,” the Quebec boxer said on Wednesday, confidently more than two days before her World Boxing Council (WBC) World Flyweight Championships in Montreal against Mexican champion Yesenia Gomez.

Clavel (15-0, 3 KOs) is the number one contender for the 108-pound title held by Gomez (19-5-3, 6 KOs), who will attempt to successfully defend her belt for the fifth time.

Clavel added at the start of the press conference, “This preparation was very special, I feel it in my muscles, setting the stage for the event presented by Groupe Yvon Michel. sparring She was fine. I’m fit, I top shape. You know, I realize what’s going to happen on July 29th is the most important moment of my career, so far, because there will be others after that. Absolutely. »

“Kim Clavell, it’s Formula 1, it’s a Ferrari, a photo of its coach, Danielle Bouchard, for presentation. So [on s’est dit] That the training camp that we’re going to do, it’s going to be a Formula 1 camp, and that’s what we did. We didn’t miss anything. I made sure we had the fuel to perform each of his training sessions. We made sure slippery roads, windy…we put all the misfortunes we could put there. We’ve even made clear out of the way, to prepare for whatever we’ll see during this fight. »

The fight between the two boxers had to be postponed three times. The fight was originally scheduled for December 17, but Clavel’s injury prevented the 31-year-old boxer from entering the ring. In March, Gomez needed more time so the fight moved to April. This time, Clavell contracted COVID-19 and had to withdraw.

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For Gomez, this will be his first fight outside of Mexico.

“Yeah, it would be a little complicated,” she admitted. “But I worked hard to achieve success.”

Two more fights will also be presented during the Groupe Yvon Michel (GYM) concert. Marie-Pierre Holly (6-0-1, 2 KOs) will face Brazil’s Halana dos Santos (14-9, 9 KOs), while Caroline Ferry will make her first professional bout against Mexican featherweight superstar Wendy Cruz Castro (0-2). .