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Danault is one of the top 5 centers in the NHL according to Luc Robitaille

Danault is one of the top 5 centers in the NHL according to Luc Robitaille

After turning down an offer of $5 million a year (over five or six years depending on a source rumor / info), Philip Danault played the final season of his contract knowing full well that it would also be his last with the Canadians.

He helped his people reach the Stanley Cup Final, and made a name for himself for the slices of pizza he ate in front of the cameras, Show his house for saleAnd Rumors sent him to Seattle And in vegas… Then, Signed with the Los Angeles Kings: 6 years / $5.5 million per season. The contract with which it will be protected (the complete non-movement clause for three years, then the immobility clause and the non-commercial part after that) …

Since then, we have learned that Luc Robitaille himself was involved in pitch sales And Todd McClellan had promised playtime play power And the offensive role of the Quebec center player.

Well, now know that Luc Robitaille (really) expects a lot from Phillip Danault.

The Kings chief even believes the arrival of Danault, one of the top five NHL quarterbacks, will have an impact on Anze Kopitar’s performance.

“By adding one of the top five assists in the league like Philip Danault, we really feel we have made our team even better. On the other hand, by betting on Philip, we can tell Kopetar more attacking minutes. He won’t have to take all the matches in our area and outnumbered play. It’s going to let him catch his breath, so that he can help us in another way, by getting more points.”- Robitaille on Danault

1. Luc Robitaille sees Philip Danault as one of the top five in the NHL across the field. No pressure Phil!

If you see Danault as one of the best midfielders in unionIt is to evaluate his work defensive, not offensive. Defensively, Danault is a chef. He has successfully silenced many high-quality attackers lately Series Many saw him one day being nominated for the Selke Trophy (awarded for the best defensive striker). Ask Nathan McKinnon what he thinks of Danault…

However, he only collected 24 points in 53 regular games last season, before adding 4 in 22 playoff games after that.

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If you saw Philip Danault as one of the top five midfielders overall, who would you see ahead of him? MacDavid, Matthews, McKinnon, and Crosby? That’s it?

2. It is clear that Luc Ropitail hopes Danault’s presence will allow Copetar to focus more on his offensive role. Kopitar will be able to take on fewer matches in the defensive zone and won’t have to play as many cut-throats. Does Todd McClellan really intend to give Danault several offensive missions (as he told the manager in question while he was on the job? pitch sales)? Danault won’t be able to play 26 minutes per game…

With Turcotte, Vilardi, Byfield and Kopitar, will there still be good attacking minutes to give Danault?

Danault has yet to play a game in his new uniform, and I feel that whoever chose to leave Montreal to get a Function More offensive can be disappointed. I don’t wish him, but…

Does the president, general manager and head coach agree on the role that should be given to Danault?

Let’s hope the former Canadiens Center doesn’t become bad contract In two or three years. At the same time, he had the opportunity to stay here, in an environment suitable for him at the level hockey And get 25 or 30 million. He refused it.

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